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Silica Fume - for value added concrete

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Silica Fume is used as a partial replacement for portland cement in concrete. Silica fume in concrete increases the compressive strength and durability of the concrete.

Additionally, it reduces 'rebound' in shotcrete applications.

Silica fume also has applications in refractory products. 

Specification: Silica fume is supplied in Australia according to AS 3582 part 3. The product ATIC Code is 099.

Silica Fume Products

Densified (D): bulk density is 400kgs to 750kgs per cubic metre

Undensified (UD): bulk density is less than 400kgs per cubic metre.



  • Bulk into container, approximately 22 tonnes per container

  • 10kg bags, 104 bags per pallet

  • 500kg or 1000kg bulk bags 



  • 20kg bags, 32 bags per pallet

  • 500kg bulk bags

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