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One of the largest and most modern silicon smelters in the world

Simcoa is Australia's only silicon manufacturing company and is committed to producing a superior, high quality silicon metal to meet the exacting needs of our customers.

Our Kemerton site consists of a sawmill, two charcoal retorts, three submerged arc electric furnaces, as well as two baghouses (for collecting and processing furnace off-gases), a grinding plant and product packaging and dispatch facilities.

This modern, well maintained plant uses the highest quality raw materials; low ash charcoal, coal and high purity quartzite. With highly skilled operators and technical expertise, these raw materials are manufactured into a silicon metal which is unique in terms of its consistency and quality.

Whilst proudly the major supplier of silicon to the Australian domestic market, Simcoa is primarily an export orientated company with approximately 85% of its 52,000 tonnes annual production allocated to a diverse range of overseas markets.

Simcoa's production of very high purity silicon is particularly suitable to the metallurgical industry and the level of grade control maintained also provides some unique advantages for the silicones and semi-conductor industries. 

Using Fremantle as its main shipping port and trans-shipping via Singapore, the company is able to provide regular and prompt shipping services to the world's major ports.

Simcoa strongly encourages close contact between customers and technical staff located at Kemerton. This direct interaction enables the company to meet customers' precise quality needs on a continuous basis.

Silicon production commenced in December 1989. With more than 25 years of technical expertise and process development, Simcoa today is capable of stably producing in excess of 52,000 tonnes of high purity silicon and 13,000 tonnes of silica fume annually. This technical know-how and operational stability underpins our ability to meet demand into the future. 

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